How To Install Custom Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

August 12, 201288 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Y is surely one of the best ever phone produced by Samsung. Samsung basically created this phone just to serve the common people having a mid-range budget who wanted to taste the Android and they surely did it by keeping the price of Samsung Galaxy Y at around Rs.7,000. Soon after its release, the phone was big hit. Developers from all around the globe too started to take interest in this phone. When the ICS was launched, a custom CyanogenMod 9 ICS ROM was released for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 and now when the Jelly Bean is out, it’s the right time to get your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 dirty with custom Jelly Bean ROM. Here is a small tutorial that will show you How To Install Custom Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

Custom Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y

Disclaimer : If anything happens to your device during this process, no one should be held responsible. Perform this on your own risk.

Checklist : Make sure your phone is having 70% remaining battery. All the drivers of your device’s drivers should be installed on your computer. Also make sure you backup everything like Contacts, SMS, MMS, Internet settings, Passwords etc as everything will be wiped off in this procedure. USB Debugging should be enabled (Settings>Developer Options>USB Debugging). Last but not the least, deactivate or uninstall all your antivirus programs, as they can later hinder the process and that’s something which is not wanted.

Note : Your phone must be rooted and should be installed with ClockworkMod Recovery.

Steps to Install Custom Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Step 1 – Download the Custom Jelly Bean ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 on your computer.

Step 2 – Now connect your phone to the PC and move the downloaded package of Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360’s SD Card, but don’t dig too deep to place it.

Step 3 – Now disconnect the phone from PC and switch off your phone. Now restart it in the recovery mode, you can do so by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home + Power Button together.

Step 4 – If you get anything like an exclamation mark, hold the Volume Up and Power keys again.

Step 5 – Now using your ClockworkMod Recovery, wipe off everything like data, cache etc. Then flash the downloaded package.

Step 6 – Once everything is wiped off, go to the main menu and select “flash zip from SD card” and press power button to select.

Step 7 – Now select the option which reads “choose zip from sdcard”.

Step 8 – Now use the Volume Keys to navigate and then browse to the location where you saved the downloaded package and start the flashing process.

Step 9 – Wait for the process to be completed, and once it’s done you should reboot your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

Step 10 – Once completely rebooted, you will see Android v4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

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  1. Afonso says:

    hi…. the instalation as been failed.
    it not work, i do not recomend,now i’m trying to restore a my GY but it’s too hard.

    • Arjun says:

      Thanks for commenting.

      Brother did you follow the instructions correctly?

      • JATT says:

        i’m trying to update my glaxy y to 4.1 i have done by following your instructions bt when i try to install ussr4 zip there is always writeen installation aborted plz help me bro…

        • Arjun says:

          Friend I think you should try re-installing the CWM on your phone. You can also try downloading the root package once again.

    • lenzer says:

      > de lam ban oi….
      >đầu tiên bạn tải ‘kies’ về .
      >rồi tải “odin3_v1.84″ va giải nén ra được 1 file . trong file có 7 file ……
      > bạn tắt nguồn dt…..
      > tiếp theo bạn khởi động lại dt bằng cách ( nút giảm âm luong + nút home + nút nguồn ) nó sẻ hiện ra trang downloag . bạn nhấn nút tăng âm lượng .
      > kết nối dt voi pc = giay cap
      xem video tren youtube di cho nhanh

  2. CJ12345 says:

    I followed the steps carefully but I think I (soft) bricked my SGY. Stuck in a boot loop. Currently looking for ways to unbrick my device. I need clarification on Step 1. Do I need to extract the downloaded file from Step 1 before moving it to my SD card?

    I also need more clarification on step 5 please.

    Also, do I have to go be on an official ROM to flash this Custom Jelly Bean ROM? I’m currently on CREED’s ROM. (or I was, since my deviced got bricked)

    • Arjun says:

      Thank you for sharing your problem.

      No you don’t need to extract the file before moving it to the SD card, keep it in the .zip format only.
      Coming to the Step 5, brother you need to perform full data wipe. You can do so by options available in the main menu.

      And I think Creed’s ROM will not matter because we will do full data reset.

      If problem persists, then please contact back. We love to help :)

  3. Andy says:

    Its keyboard language is different and its phone language is different and its not English please make it English please

  4. Bhavik says:

    followed all steps properly , it has got strucked with samsung galaxy y (young ) SCREEn. i have waited for 30 mins but it didnt proceed further.. :(
    pls help me..

    • Arjun says:

      Thank you for commenting Bhavik.

      If you are getting stuck on the Galaxy Y screen then you should re-try this process. If the problem persists, contact back :)

      • Ivan says:

        I did nearly all steps i didn’t wipe off my hard bcauz on other site i don’t need to do that…Now i’m stuck on my GY screen…and it won’t open recovery mod and i thcryed witch amergency by pressing volume down home boten and power boten it sey another os is installed please download update for it im gonna try but watch if after that wont start…please help me…

      • abody says:

        hi its stuck on samsung galaxy y what i should do

    • Sagar says:

      I installed it twice. Both times it got stuck on the Galaxy Y screen. You should consider adding that this may happen inside the article. Please tell me how to fix this. I need a working phone.

      • Arjun says:

        May be you have not installed the CWM on your GY. Do one thing, flash the stock ROM and then try flashing this custom ROM.

    • hoabeo says:

      ban can chay lai bang odin la duoc :D

  5. Bhavik says:

    i gave Re_boot then it started working..!
    but is android 2.6 only! not 4.1 !
    but it is been editied by some one..!
    anyways its nice .
    i like it..!
    suggest me if i can really install android 4.1

    • Arjun says:

      Thank you for believing in us :)
      And as far as original ROM is concerned, or atleast something similar; we would love to write about it once it is available.

  6. anmol says:

    arjun i followed the steps but i stucked on the galaxy y screen plz help asap i follwed it twice

    • Arjun says:

      Thank you for commenting on our blog Anmol.Are you sure that your phone is rooted and installed with cwm? Also, if you are already running another custom ROM then please try again after moving to official ROM. :-)

  7. shamnad says:

    lol this custom rom not android 4.1 only android 2.3.6

  8. Anton says:

    Hi, just rooted my Samsung Galaxy Y and installed with Jelly Bean ROM. The installation seems fine. But then i am experiencing problems with the phone features..1st,i can not make a call but i can recieve. 2nd, i can not recieve SMS but i am able to send. and 3rd, please advise what antivirus can i use with the rooted phone.

    Your Help will be much appreciated…thanks!

    • Arjun says:

      Thank you for commenting Anton. I guess you should try re-installing the ROM. Coming to a good antivirus, I suggest you Kaspersky and AVG :) Both of them are good.

  9. don be a lame use a proper name says:

    I think you should rename this article as it is misleading.
    THIS IS NOT A REAL JELLY BEAN ROM (4.1) this is a simple modified 2.3.6 rom to look like 4.1!

    • Arjun says:

      Thank you for bringing that in our notice but there are certain points (mentioned below) that should be kept in mind.
      1) This article has been crawled by Google, and now we cannot change the title (SEO reason).
      2) The title isn’t misleading, this is a custom ROM and the customizations make this ROM look almost like the real Jelly Bean ROM.
      3) Galaxy Y by default comes with Gingerbread OS.

  10. tam says:


    • Arjun says:

      กรุณาพูดในภาษาอังกฤษ เราใช้ Google แปลในการแปลข้อความของคุณก่อนหน้า

  11. tam says:

    I did not turn up a long time, but it’s not bad.

  12. jas says:

    my GY brick .. can not be on until out samsung GY. there a way to do? plz……

    • Arjun says:

      You bricked your GY perhaps because you did something wrong. You can search Google for tutorials on how to Un-Brick Samsung Galaxy Y etc. Don’t worry :)

  13. Artur says:

    Oi, tem algum problema se o celular for roteado ? Porq o meu celular é roteado..

  14. Yash Dave says:

    All ran well.
    But the language problem.
    Even though you set the default language to English,Some of the menu language still remains in some other language..I think Russian.
    Please help with this soon

    • Arjun says:

      Try updating the ROM to it’s latest version. If the language still doesn’t change, try changing it from the Settings. If it won’t change even then, I guess then it’s a bug in this ROM.

  15. ATHUL says:

    first should i install cmw then reboot n then do the process????????

  16. Jithin AC says:

    Dear Arjun,
    after reboot i am getting samsung galaxy y screen only … and i am not able to reboot from by pressing 3 keys( i.e. vol up+home and power button)

    • Arjun says:

      For rebooting you need to go to the main menu of the recovery mode. You can use Volume keys to navigate and the Back button to go back.

  17. Hashim Khan says:

    Arjun bhai yar galaxy y mein default rom kaisy dalon?
    jaldi batana im waiting.

    • Arjun says:

      Hashim Brother :) You can flash the default (stock) ROM of Galaxy Y by simply using the backup and in case you didn’t make the backup file, you can download it from 3rd party websites and flash it in the same way we flash custom ROMs. :)

  18. srinivas says:

    i rooted my samsung galaxy y…later i upgraded to android 4…but is not working…now i want to change to old os i.e., android 2.3.6.
    send me a reply as soon as possible

  19. raz says:

    hey I am trying to install jelly bean rom in my galaxy y GTS 5360….tell me how should i do so that my ph will not brick…

  20. Carlos says:

    Vcs são um bando de FDP, ferraram com meu celular

  21. Matheus says:

    como faço para remover do meu celular?

  22. Jefferson says:

    Amigo, fiz o procedimento ao pé da letra, mas o que aconteceu é que meu telefone trava na tela inicial Galaxy Y, e daí não sai mais, e para completar não estou conseguindo mais entrar em modo recovery. Perdi o meu celular.

  23. joejabs68 says:

    some problem found at jellybeans v4 android 4.1….
    fast draining of battery and when i on my alarm clock it show force close…

  24. Mauro says:

    Alguém me ajude, apos ter feito tudo bem direitinho, na hora de ligar si fica na janela de abertura é ñ sai dai,por favor me ajude

  25. Junaid says:

    Dude.. language problem!!

  26. mrudul says:

    Mr.Arjun please tell me whole prosidure of installation of jelly bean 4.1 in easy language..

    Thank you.

  27. Prasad says:

    Hi Arjun help!

    i not able to reboot my phone not do anything what should i do?

  28. nadish ojha says:

    can u make video of it and upload at youtube

  29. Alfie says:

    I installed it and it was a great , but there’s one problem . when i tried to play musics , it says “NO SD Card inserted” , but my sd card work fine on other phone …WHY? … URGENT!!


    yes it worked …..but as u said its dirty ………………….

  31. DHAKSHAVAR says:

    arjun i followed the steps but i stucked on the galaxy y screen plz help asap i follwed it twice

  32. dennis tienesen says:

    Hi, first of all nice job! I got this running nice and smoothly and enjoy it very much.. When i searched for software updates it found an update for carrier info or something including languages. It lets me download but install fails. Is there another way to make this rom European multilanguage? Nothing wrong with my English, but i have some friends who prefer Dutch(nl). Thank you in advance :-)

  33. kulala says:

    hey i just bricked my phone what should i do?

  34. bidyadhar says:

    I installed it properly and it is nice but it is making a call to an unknown number everytime I reboot ..How to fix it? please… help soon

  35. shiv says:

    hey!Still in setting their is only android 2.3.6Is this a theme pack

  36. rishav singh says:

    arjun bro
    my galaxy y jst struck on the boot logo for hours.. wat to do now??
    cant even access the recovery mode… its just struck…
    how can i get it back working?? no backup files saved :’(

  37. shubham says:

    when i install jelly bean in my galaxy y there is a option for reboot i reboot my phone then my phone is not starting!!plzzz help me!!!!

  38. shubham says:

    when is install the jelly bean os in mmy galaxy y then i reboot my phone after rebooting my phone is not starting!!plzz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. shubham says:

    it also hang in samsung galaxy y s5360 screen

  40. Sam says:

    Would you give a screenshoot! just want to see it before i installing this rom! thanks

  41. Robert says:

    Have a bug in version android 4.1 jelly bean?

  42. Vishesh Sharma says:

    HI , I have tried installing this ROM on SGY S5360 but it stucks at the samsung logo screen.
    These are the steps followed.
    1)Gained root access by applying
    2)Installed CWM
    3)In CWM installed the custom ROM after wiping the data and cache.
    Could you point out the mistake ?

  43. Mahudesh says:

    hi, i tried the above steps for GALAXY y but i got upgrded only 2.3.6.
    and the MENU screen Display was too transparent , like its replicate the Desktop picture on the Menu screen its difficult to find the menu icons and icon names. do i have any steps to resolve it!!???

  44. karan says:

    hy i setup jelly bean bt my phone language is not english now so what can i do i want in english ?

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